Thai Oil Massage

Nikki Thai Massage Newcastle upon Tyne


The Thai oil massage is our most popular massage that incorporates the relaxing feeling of a Swedish massage with the therapeutic benefits of a deep Thai massage.

High quality natural, blended oils are used with smooth flowing massage strokes which relieve any tensions you maybe feeling. Movements are applied in the direction of the heart which increase blood flow and help release toxins from the muscles.

This massage has many benefits including

Boosted immune system Detoxification Improved blood circulation and lower blood pressure Improved posture and balance Relief for arthritis and back pain

The Thai oil massage also has many mental benefits such as improved concentration, higher levels of energy and stamina and reduced stress and anxiety.

30 mins for £25
45 mins for £35
60 mins for £40
90 mins for £65
120 mins for £75

60 mins special 4 hand massage for £75